WE LOVE: X-Factor UK 2017

Eleven years ago we tuned in to the UK version of the X-Factor for the first time. Compared to our Dutch version of the show England was offering us everything we’ve been wanting from a show like this. 2006 was the year where the first huge star was born through this show. Leona Lewis won and took over the whole world with her hits. Even though this was not the beginning of the show, it did open the way for the winners to become worldwide stars.

The “Bleeding Love” singer was the first of many to score hits all over the world. Let us name some other solo acts that made it big; James Arthur, Alexandra Burke, Cher Lloyd, Olly Murs, Rebecca Ferguson and Fleur East. All of these contestants show us that it’s possible to have a career after the talent show. Sold out concerts, top 10 hits and touring all over the world, they do it all.

This year the X-Factor stepped their game up big time! The show allowed their contestants to perform original material week after week. Back in the day it was only allowed to do so during the audition rounds. This is such a smart move of the show. A historical move. The acts can show the world who they are as an artist and their debut album is half finished straight after the show. A win-win for both the contestant as the management.

Two of the biggest acts to enter the show with their own material are Rak-Su and Grace Davies. Both of them delivered hits week after week which got them to the finals of yesterday. As expected Rak-Su won the show this year, well deserved. Another smart move of the X-Factor is to team the winners up with settled artists. The wining single by Rak-Su is the catchy “Dimelo” featuring Wyclef Jean and Naughty Boy, wow!

Let us round this up by complimenting Simon Cowell for bringing back boy- and girlbands. For a while it seems that these bands were a dying species. Let it be Simon to change the rules. He brought us hit-making-machines with Little Mix, One Direction, Fifth Harmony, PRETTYMUCH and now Rak-Su. Thank you mister Cowell!