WE LOVE: The Fedz

Clean is a huge fan of Bluey Robinson. The UK singer stole our heart with his song “I Know”. It’s one of those tracks that make you wonder why it never became a huge hit each time you listen to it again. Ever since 2009, the year he released his first single, we’ve been checking up on Bluey every now and then to see if he’s bringing us some new music. We got lucky with our most recent check.

We like to introduce you to The Fedz, a music collective based in the UK with members from all over the world and all different races. And guess who their newest member is… indeed, mister Bluey Robinson! And boy, oh boy, are we happy. The band is making awesome music. It gives you that feeling that they want to heal the world with their music. It is full of joy, has influences from all over the world and combines the prettiest voices to make the biggest songs.

With the addition of Bluey and songs like “Urban Tales” and the amazing “Best I Ever Had” we expect amazing things for them. Plus, we never had something like this in the charts before. A music collective that keeps on growing and gives each member a chance to shine? Amen! WE LOVE The Fedz.