WE LOVE: J.J. Malibu

Can we have a minute of your time to introduce you to J.J. Malibu? This Toronto based brand is everything you need during these dark and rainy days to cheer you up. So, you might be wondering how it cheers you up. The answer is pretty simple; bright, good looking underwear on the hottest guys. Besides underwear they also sell t-shirts. And like we all know models don’t wear a t-shirt and underwear at the same time, ‘cause well… why would they? So yeah, you got it right. The models show the tops without their underwear. Cheered up?

Their fun and playful, street style influenced, clothing is amazing. Plus the fashion brand wants to spread the love. They target the LGBT community and of course everyone in between. The cool thing is that J.J. Malibu offers you everything, a one stop shop! They have the best basics, underwear, swimwear, sportswear and cool accessories.

Not familiar with J.J. Malibu yet? Time to discover them. Give them a follow or visit their website to make sure you look as good as their models. WE LOVE it!