WE LOVE: Dervin Batarlo

The moment we saw Dervin Batarlo’s work for the very first time we couldn’t help but falling in love straight away. It were those mesmerizing compositions that kept us staring at each collage way too long. We do have to admit we were confused for a second. Are we supposed to get turned on? Is it art? Is it the ultimate version of porn? All the answers to these questions have been answered by the genius itself.

The UK-based analogue collage artist explains the thoughts behind his work. It’s a visual study of gay pornography and the idealized male body. Dervin is fascinated with the way magazines and photography books idealizes the male body. After some cutting and pasting, all by hand!, he creates a celebration of the male physique within his art. Ripped apart we are able to lay focus on certain body parts that we find aesthetically pleasing. Or may we say sexually arousing.

What we love most about his work is how Dervin is able to deconstruct porn in such a way were at one place it can be seen as art but yet you can’t help to start fantasizing about the bodies we see. Wether you consider it as art or not, WE LOVE Dervin Batarlo.

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