WE LOVE: Cachorro Vacaciones

Last year we introduced you to Cachorro and his amazing art. Everyone who knows a bit about the Spanish artist is aware of the colorful nudes that he creates. But boy, oh boy he brought his work to a whole new level. Just when you think his work can not be any better then it already is he returns! A big and bold return.

His previous work left nothing to the imagination. Every little detail on full display. Pure sex we may add. His new exhibition Vacaciones is leaving some space for your own fantasy. Vacaciones, Spanish for the holidays, is where Cachorro found his inspiration for his art. An homage to naked men living and enjoying under the sun. Wildness and green combined with the masculine bodies. These bodies became a true trademark for the artist himself. The new work is seducing you, putting your brain to work in the best way possible. Men are hidden behind flowers, plants and the big bright sun.

Cachorro ads in his own words “We all know; when summer comes the boys fall in love! It’s all within the breeze and the sun!” We couldn’t agree more. He is totally right as the sun is shining bright into are office while we’re falling in love with Chachorro’s absolutely amazing, colorful new work!

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