WE LOVE: Appelsap ’18

Holland is finally expanding its offering within hip-hop and urban festivals. But hey, there can only be one number one. It’s pretty simple who’s the leader if you think of it’s 18 years experience and all the huge names that started their career of on their stage. We’re talking ‘bout the one and only Appelsap.

Compared to all other newborn hip-hop festivals Appelsap is pretty clear in what sets them apart. They are not necessarily looking for the biggest headliners or most popular line-up, like any other festival. The focus is on offering a stage to the next Missy Elliott, Jay-Z or Kendrick Lamar. Getting all those fresh, talented artists in one festival. Curious to the artists that were offered the Appelsap stage before they scored the big numbers? Kendrick Lamar, Travi$ Scott, Skepta and Stormzy, just to name a few of the list. The cool thing at the festival is that no matter how big or popular an artist is, they all play on an as big stage. Everyone is equal.

Appelsap benefits the hip-hop culture in a country where hip-hop isn’t our first language. Not only by offering the freshest, upcoming artists. They make sure there’s focus on street fashion and culture as well. For their 18th celebration they got artist and friend Parra to build a 3 meter high sculpture. Which will get its big introduction during the festival. Other collaborations come in forms of SMIB, Noisey and Patta. To honor their contribution in art they got presented the ‘Amsterdamprijs voor de Kunst’.

Clean is mainly in love with the spot on campaign this year. To represent the generation that grew up with the festival they came up with homage to hip-hop. The new generation, artists that will actually play the festival this year, are portrayed as their big heroes. You’ll see recognizable recreations of 50 Cent, Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliott, 2Pac, Eminem and many more. We love it!

Appelsap is so much more than a festival with great music. It’s being part of history, it’s catching a vibe at its very best and most of all; its schooling in hip-hop culture.

Appelsap Festival
When? Saturday 11, August
Where? Flevopark Amsterdam
Tickets? Get your tickets here!