FESTIVAL REVIEW: Tropikali 2018

Holland welcomes a brand new festival. World music, countless cultures, loads of beautiful people and golden oldie pop hits. Just a few keywords to and amazing first edition of Tropikali Festival. Clean wouldn’t miss out on a good party of course. With sunglasses on our head and a camera in our hands we’re ready to get on the ferry to Amsterdam North.

Around two-ish we enter the beautiful festival area. It’s build around the, always good, Noorderlicht cafe. Music wise it’s on fire the second we walk in. Theirs loads of variation from the start; tropical beats at the Rosario stage and were in for some sugarcoated pop hits at I Will Survive. The Kalinichta stage is yet to be opened. But wow, it’s worth the wait. Three gorgeous men enter the stage to climb behind their DJ table. The Gr333ks deliver an amazing set full of enthusiasm.

A personal highlight for Clean is brought by Protopapa. This DJ hypnotizes the whole crowd with his tropical beats and unique sound. When his set ends he doesn’t leave the stage yet as we’re in for a surprise. The handsome DJ welcomes Myss Keta for a live performance. Another favorite moment within this sunny day is when a group of about five Syrian dancers are taking over the Kalinichta stage. They are here to teach all of us their traditional dance. Within minutes theirs a huge line of people dancing together hand-in-hand. Ok, we don’t want to sound like holy Mary but isn’t this beautiful? A group of open minded, straight, gay and everything in between, people dancing together. Music really does bring us together.

What amazes us the most is that everything is working out so perfectly well for a first edition. Ok, we shouldn’t have to compliment this since it has to. But still we’ve seen a lot of ‘first editions’ gone wrong. Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was the lovely visitors or maybe it was just because it was different than all other festivals. One thing is for sure, Clean loved it! Let’s round this up asking Tropikali to promise us a second edition. Ok? Thank you!

Photos by Ahlem Taboubi / text by Joey van Beekveld.