For everything there’s a first time. Of course is was not our first concert but it was our very first one in the Bitterzoet in Amsterdam. And what a pleasure that the honor went to Tom Grennan to make us familiar with the little brother of Paradiso. The place itself was pretty cool as they referred to the previously named big brother by placing, fake, church windows. So we got an cool place with an amazing artist lined up to make the best Saturday night. And hell yeah did that work out.

Perfectly on time Tom opens the show with a big bang. “Found What I’ve Been Looking For” appears to be a public favorite as we hear people say “Ok, so we can already go after this one”. Referring to this one being their favorite and the only song they know. Thank god they were joking because boy, oh boy they would’ve missed out on so much better to come.

Knowing mister Grennan’s music isn’t important. The whole public is falling in love with his massive voice and great band. Tune after tune he is delivering us pure bangers. There is more than just the music though. Tom himself is a pretty cool guy. With a heavy accent he jokes in between the songs. And even better; he is a proud man, It is wonderful to see how he enjoyed being here and how he wasn’t afraid to show his pride. Pride for how far he came and how his debut album is shaping up to be amazing.

What an absolute pleasure has it been to enjoy this show. Great music, humble artist and let’s just say it again; great music! Tom Brennan, we love you!

Photos are not from yesterday evening.