This evening is one of a kind. Instead of taking my bike to either the Paradiso or Melkweg I have to catch a train all the way to the South. This is unique since most artists just stay in the city of red lights and coffeeshops. Since Russ already visited Amsterdam three times for his concerts we guess he needed a change. So the train ride goes to Tilburg!

For everything there’s a first time. Russ get’s us to visit the 013 for the very first time. And wow, it is actually really big. Maybe it’s just looks bigger because we expected it to be small. The rapper arrives precisely on time, as always, and starts of with a bang. “What They Want” is the first track and the audience is wide awake to sing a long every single word.

The hitmaker gives us track after track after track. This guy is fully loaded, so much energy! I keep being amazed by Russ. He never scored a top 10 hit yet he manages to get the whole crowd sing-a-long to every song as if he is the best-selling commercial artist in the whole wide world. But really, all it is is a loyal fanbase!

Russ will never bore us with his great energy, perfect raps and beautiful voice. So even if this was the third time we say him live, it felt as good as the very first one.