WHO? Rita Ora + RAYE (Support act)
WHEN? May 21, 2018
WHERE? Melkweg, Amsterdam

Spontaneous nights are the best. That’s a fact. Spontaneous concert nights are even better. It’s only yesterday early evening that I’ve decided to go see Rita Ora’s sold out show that very same evening (long live TicketSwap). And boy, oh boy, there are no regrets.

The shows starts off with supporting act RAYE. For half an hour she makes sure the crowd is warmed up for the big show. Of course we get to hear songs from her latest project Side Tape. Within the crowd I’m literally the only one singing out loud with the absolute bangers “Cigarette” and “Confidence”. This changes at the end of her set when she get’s everybody to singalong the worldwide hit “You Don’t Know Me”. While we wave goodbye to RAYE the waiting for Rita Ora starts.

Right from the very start it’s made clear this ain’t gonna be another typical ‘pop-star’ show. It’s all within the details that sets Rita apart form every other concert we’ve seen. It’s the unique choreography that works out perfectly, done by three guys and one girl. Unlike the usual ‘two of every sex’ selection. It’s the big screen that hides the band from the publics eye leaving us with just hearing them. But most of all it’s Ms. Ora’s amazing energy that fills up the whole Melkweg. This energy is one that we very rarely get to see. She’s having so much fun, it’s such a blast to have the opportunity witnessing this.

Highlights within the show are pretty hard to pick. Every songs performance could’ve been a music video on itself. Such as the sexy version of “R.I.P.” wanting us for her to re-release the number one hit song. The perfectly sing-a-long song “Body On Me” where she proves there’s no need for Chris Brown’s adding. We also got to share some love for the new single “Girls”. The song has been getting some criticism regarding it’s bi-sexual theme sung by ‘straight’ girls. Rita sets the record straight showing us this song is all about female empowerment and fun. Girls just want to have fun right?

Surprisingly two of the absolute highlights are within some of our least favorite songs by the hitmaker. We’re absolutely in love with the love versions of “Poison” and the Charli XCX duet “Doing It”. Both of them are so energetic and fun putting a big smile straight on everyone’s face.

Rita is so underrated yet so talented. This tour proves again why she should be so much bigger than she already is. If you ever get a chance to see her in concert, do not hesitate. It’s worth every cent.

Photos not by Clean.