WHO? Jessie Ware
WHEN? March 13, 2018
WHERE? Paradiso, Amsterdam

Last Tuesday we were lucky enough to witness the goddess Jessie Ware in concert for the second time. The “Wildest Moments” hitmaker is touring to promote her latest album Glasshouse. The first time we saw her in Paradiso is still fresh in our minds. What an amazing woman is this. She’s funny, extremely talented and has the voice of an angel. Oh, in case your wondering why were so late with our review, this due some technical problems with our server.

Jessie opens the show in a surprising way. She didn’t go for the obvious big hit, uptempo opener. Instead we got the emotional and beautiful “Sam”. Wow, the night is opened with goosebumps wherever you can have them. The show offers a perfect mix between songs of off all her three studio albums. With her third one being her most mature one to date. And this shows during the concert.

Where in her previous shows Jessie was extremely funny, almost in a rude way, does she seem a bit holding back this time. She’s a mum now! Of course it didn’t effect her talent. She’s still amazing as always. We would highly recommend you to see one of her shows if you get the chance.

Photos by Lotte Schrander