WHEN? March 18, 2018
WHERE? Paradiso, Amsterdam

This night will be a mysterious night. We’re waiting in line for the sold out show of H.E.R. in Paradiso. The mystery is within the singer herself. Even though the R&B singer is building a huge fanbase, her face is unknown to most. She wants the music to speak for itself. And boy, oh boy, we can’t wait to let the music speak tonight.

Walking on stage is a beautiful woman full of confidence. Big sunglass and even bigger hair to somehow still cover up her face. With no expectations at all were ready for this show to start. And she delivers. No chitty chat, just straight to the music. Together with her two amazing backing vocal singers, who at some point even manage to steal her spotlight.

H.E.R. gives us song after song and continues as if she’s in a rush but yet manages to take her sweet time. This girl is an absolute megastar. She sings like an angel and brings every song to a whole new level playing it live. We can’t explain you how good this concert is. Unbelievable. Wig snatched. Mind blown. Taking it to church.

Highlights are coming to live at the parts where she’s putting forces together with her backing singers. What happens on “Best Part” and “Make It Rain”. Those three voices lit up the whole Paradiso building. Bringing the energy that the studio versions somehow leak of. This isn’t just a concert. This is a celebration of music.