WHO? Esther Von Haze + Bernhard Hollinger (Support act)
WHEN? June 29, 2018
WHERE? Cinetol, Amsterdam

You know the good thing about having crazy talented friends is that they invite you to their crazy amazing shows. Esther van Hees is an upcoming pop talent who also happens to be one of jazz music’s biggest names of the European industry. After making a big name with her jazz music it is time to make her alter-ego Esther Von Haze happen. Last Friday night we were among the lucky ones to go see the presentation of her self-titled debut album.

Before the Belgian beauty takes the stage it is up to the German Bernhard Hollinger to take the stage… well to sit in front of the stage actually. The producer gives us everything we’ve never seen before. For the first time ever we’re actually speechless. Ok, obviously this guy is super cute which already gain our interest but the music is so interesting we couldn’t blink our eyes. The sounds, the setting, the music, just everything was amazing.

After getting the crowd heat up it’s the time for Esther to shine. As it’s a big day for her it only makes sense she’s so nervous, which you can tell. Thank god that she doesn’t let the nerves take her over, she turns them into a charm that works out perfectly for her. This charm stays during the whole show. It is the music where she feels most comfortable in, Whenever she’s singing you can see the real artist shine through.

Our absolute favorites during the show are the more up-tempo songs “Stay Wild” and “Karma Is Real”. The crowd is enjoying, Esther is enjoying and we’re having a blast. Go check out her debut album on Spotify and keep an eye on Clean for more Esther to come!