Clean interview: Sam Morris (English version)

He is your and our favorite Instagram boy. We love to wake up with a photo of Sam Morris on his bed with Bambi greeting us every single morning. Although we have more then enough on his amazing body we like to add a bunch of other reasons we love this boy. He is a talented music maker, more creative then your typical artist and he know what he wants and is more then ready to take over the world with it. Enough reasons to get to know more about Sam through an exclusive interview on Clean!


What was the first thing you did this morning?
Had a cup of tea and some biscuits mmmmm.

We first met you as an artist with the two other boys of Plastic on your side. Where is your bright blue hair gone?
Well, it was purple hair, and safe to say it won’t be returning.

The bright colors are gone and your clothes gone off. What else changed during this year?
I went through a break up, not only professionally with my band, but also a relationship. This year was full of change, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

This year you released Smoke And Mirrors on your YouTube account. We loved the strong concept. Can you tell us your motivation to make the small movie?
I am often disturbed by how people portray themselves on social media. Social media is all smoke and mirrors, whether you’re a superstar or a school kid, everyone is acting up and trying to impress. It’s a poisonous cycle in which you feel pressured to appear ‘successful’ rather than just being happy and honest within yourself. I wanted to explore that in a short film, and show a glimpse into the life of somebody who everyone can relate to.

Let’s talk music; first we want you to name three inspirations for you as an artist.
My biggest inspirations musically, and most relevant to me now, would have to be Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen and Azealia Banks, obviously amongst others.

Describe your music in three words.
Honest. Raw. Underground.

If we give you an unlimited budget for your next video, what would it look like?
I’d probably want to work with Steven Klein. Do something totally filthy and extreme.

For your next single you can call anyone you like too to collaborate with. Who would get the call?
It’d probably be Azealia Banks. I love her energy and I think she is a rhythmically, lyrical genius.

Nicole Scherzinger was a huge fan of your boyband on X-Factor last year. I bet you were the main reason for that, so tell me; shall we call her to do a collaboration with you too?
Haha. As much as I love her, I don’t know how she would fit into my current theme.


Many artists cover a song to get more attention. Which song is on your “to cover” list?
I’ve never really had the desire to cover something to promote myself as an artist. However I’d love to work on a new, darker, club version of an old 80s ballad. I don’t want to say what it is because someone else will do it before me!

Your music is super high energy, is this the secret to get a body like yours? Working out to your music?
Haha. I would never workout to my own music. Can you imagine? How Mariah Carey of me.

Talking about your body; your Clean’s favorite Instagram boy. Does your account help you building a fanbase?
Yeah, it does, and I’m overwhelmed by it. I don’t take myself seriously, and I know it’s totally gratuitous, but I’m glad that people enjoy it for what it is.

You already did a couple of photoshoots. Are photographers in line to photograph you at the moment?
Many different photographers have approached me to shoot, which I think is crazy because I am by no means a model, but it’s all fun nonetheless.

If you can choose one photographer by choice to shoot you, who would it be?
Steven Klein or David LaChapelle.

Clean loves new talent. Who should we keep an eye on coming time?
FKA Twigs is gonna slay real soon. She’s not particularly ‘new’, but she’s definitely about to explode.

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