Clean interview: Paradice Clothing (English version)

Paradice Clothing doesn’t need any introduction for Clean readers. We made an article for the extremely fast growing brand already. Besides that you we’re able to see the clothes in our Clean exclusive “Tomorrow is just a day away”. The only thing you were still waiting for is our exclusive interview with the founders of Paradice Clothing. We talked to James Boyle, Jordan Robson and Holly Hobkirk about their brand. Don’t forget to take a look on the website for their newest collection, all new pieces! We love it.

Jolien-21.04.13When did you decide to start with Paradice clothing?
I started working on Paradice as a hobby in March 2012. I had quit my college course and I wanted to keep myself busy. Paradice Clothing officially launched on 21st June 2012.

What does the name ‘Paradice’ stand for?
Being in contentment, taking the chance and rolling the dice.

What inspires you to be a designer?
I cannot think of a more satisfying career than creating designs that are admired by others. The Paradice fans love the designs and patterns we make and the amount of support we have as a brand inspires me to work even harder!

Can you tell us the concept behind Paradice clothing?
I noticed a growth in the tie-dye trend. As an artist I felt confident enough to take this opportunity to make my own designs. At Paradice we focus on the streets rather than the seasons, like many other designers do.

Paradice is growing extremely fast, not only in the UK but also all over the world; do you think James Boyle and Jordan Robson’s online popularity helped the growth?
It’s very nice we have support from all over the world. We’ve received a lot of love on the web and appreciate it very much. However, Paradice does extremely well in it’s own right.

You can choose one female and male celebrity/model to wear a Paradice t-shirt, who would you choose to wear it?
I’d definitely have to say Ash Stymest and Lana Del Rey! They’re young, free-spirited people who express their very different identities in their own way. It’s really refreshing.

Jeroen-21.04.13You can collaborate with a photographer by own choice for your next lookbook. Who would be the lucky one?
It would be amazing to work with David LaChapelle.

Recently we saw a new direction for Paradice, you collaborated for an event. Is this something we can expect more from in the future?
Yes, we worked alongside DJ SASH who has sold 22 million records worldwide! It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and we loved being able to meet and engage with fans of the brand. We’d happily do it again in the future. 

We give you an unlimited budget and time limit to design your next collection. What can we expect from this collection?
We would formulate a way in which to create 3D live moving designs like the paintings on Harry Potter. Obviously.
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