Clean interview: Natalia Kills (English version)

Tuesday night 8 o’clock. There you are, waiting for a phone call from Natalia Kills. Yes, that’s right. Clean talked to Natalia Kills for an exclusive interview. Although she is successful in her way we just can’t understand she isn’t bigger than she already is. Where is this big breakthrough hit? Why didn’t “Mirrors”, “Kill My Boyfriend” and “Problem” become huge worldwide hits? One thing is for sure; it’s not because of her personality. Never before did we meet someone who is so spontaneous creative. She literally doesn’t need a second to come up with the script for her next music video. We asked this bad girl everything you and we want to know. Meet Natalia Kills in a way you never did before.

Natalia-Kills-5Let’s go way back in time; you had a few stage names before you became Natalia Kills. What makes Natalia Kills the perfect name for you as an artist?
You know, that’s funny because I don’t really have an explanation why this is the right one. But you know when it does and suddenly everything else is so wrong and indescribable. But I can tell you where Kills came from. All my boyfriends called me “kills” so at a moment I felt confused if someone called me anything else.

When you were Verbz you had this collaboration with M. Pokora “They Talk Shit About Me” which I really loved. What’s the worst thing they ever talked about you?
Well all they tell is the truth! It explains how much trouble I am. But I can be a nice girl; don’t worry.

Here’s a thing we don’t understand. Recently Justin Timberlake scored a huge hit with “Mirrors”. In our opinion it should’ve been your “Mirrors”, don’t you think so?
You know what, I was excited for new Justin Timberlake music. I had this huge crush on him when I was growing up. I really loved his song “Cry Me A River”. It was so cool that he was this blue-eyed boyband singer and then suddenly he is exposing what a bitch his ex girlfriend was. I really like him; he’s so hot!

What are the biggest differences between your debut album Perfectionist and Trouble?
The Perfectionist was about how I want everything to be perfect. When it really isn’t. I wanted to have control over it. On my album Trouble I have the opportunity to explain why things aren’t perfect and tell about the trouble I got into. I make my own mistakes; I did some really bad and fucked up things. And now I see that if anything wasn’t perfect it was because of me being such a wild child. On Trouble I’m taking the blame but not apologizing for it.

The new album opens with “Television”, which television program describes your life at the moment the best?
My life used to be like Jerry Springer. I come from a family that was very judged. I used to watch Jerry Springer and see people like my family where the audience was like “How could you do that!?” and “You need therapy! You need this, you need that!”. I was just like those kids on the program. Like “fuck the police, fuck life, fuck boyfriends. Let me do what I want!”. So my life before was like Jerry Springer. But now my life is somewhere between Valley of the Dolls and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

You got this song “Feel Myself” which we really really love, why didn’t it end up on the album?
I finished the album, but I kept making songs. So it leaked on to the internet. I have so many songs I recorded that haven’t leaked and will possibly be a part of my next album or maybe a repackaging, deluxe edition of Trouble. Once a week I make a couple of songs, I’m surprised the other ones didn’t leak as well. “Feel Myself” was a really fun song to make. It has this really playful and bitchy feeling to it.

Natalia-Kills-2On your single “Problem” you sing about the bad girl you are. Let’s be a good girl, if you can solve one problem in the world, what would it be?
I would run around the street giving out diamonds to all the girls whose boyfriend never buyed them ones. For me that’s a big problem. There aren’t enough smart boys with a big wallet to give me diamonds. So let me solve this issue and make all the girls happy.

So if your Trouble album is the best thing to happen in music 2013, what’s the worst thing happened in music this year so far?
I wished Amy Winehouse was around for another album, that’s a tragedy. This year would’ve been a good year with other strong female artists coming out. I want to have music that’s less electronic and more autobiographical the way her song “Rehab” was.

Your album literally tells everything you been through, it’s your story. We’re wondering will the next album be all sweet bubble gum pop about the good girl you are becoming now?
Oh, you thought this was my story? It’s only the beginning! But hey, I love me some sweet pop music. Did you hear my song “Boys Don’t Cry”? It’s a great romantic pop tune. I love these romantic songs, so if that counts as bubble gum you’ll definitely hear more of them.

Which artist would you love to feature on your song one day?
I really really love Angel Haze. She is one of my favorites to collaborate with; she is really talented. She has this amazing way to be emotional and show she is vulnerable just like I do with my singing. I wrote a song for her album. You can’t hear me on it but the way it feels is like one of my songs “Devils Don’t Fly”, but it’s her story.

You got some of the best videos in pop music under your sleeve, even your lyric videos are better then others regular videos. What would your next video look like if we gave you an unlimited budget?
Oh, thank you so much! Let me tell you the story behind the “Outta Time” lyric video because it’s funny how I made it. My label wanted me to do a lyric video. So I said ok, but I didn’t know how to do it because it sounds confusing. When they finished it they send it to me and I was confused. There were lyrics on my screen with my song playing in the background. So I thought; wait, this isn’t a video because I’m not in it. So that night I went to the shop and bought some balloons and went to my friend’s studio. I said hey, let’s project the things from my music on to myself. It has this double meaning. Projection can also be when I’m projecting my feelings on you.

So back to the question, which song would you like me to do a video for? “Daddy’s Girl”? Ooh, good one! It’s so good, it’s my favorite on the album. The song is actually a love song I wrote for my dad when he was in prison. For the video I would like to show the love story of my parents. But when I do it I want to include the fact that my dad lived in a big mansion and he bought my mother big coats and diamonds. I would have this beautiful actor to play my dad and I would play my mother. At the end I’ll keep the mansion and the speedboat and all of the expensive stuff. And if the guy is handsome enough he can live with me at the mansion to! That’s a good way to spend a budget!

Natalia-Kills-3Terry Richardson and David LaChapelle are calling at the same time; they want to shoot your next album artwork. Who would be the lucky one?
I didn’t even finished the question before she answered out loud: David LaChapelle! He is the photographic version of Salvador Dali. I’m a big fan of Salvador. He is so surrealism, I have a big acid trip when I look at his work. I took a lot of influences from his work. So meeting David LaChapelle with this inspiration made me like him even more. When he shoots me it will be in the most beautiful way. I should be wearing this huge dress like I’m going to the princess palace. Then I would run away and the rest of the world will be exploding and that would be the cover of my new album.

We need to know; when can we expect you to come to the Netherlands?
I would love to come to the Netherlands. Because you know what. A while ago I opened up a shop on the internet called Looking for Trouble where you can buy everything from the “Problem” video. When I spoke to the administration guy he told me that 90% of the sales came from the Netherlands. So I feel like if I’m doing a show in the Netherlands everyone would be wearing my clothes.Can you imagine how cool it will be!

You can only take five things with you on the tour bus, what can we expect to find in your bus?
Five hot male models, only wearing underwear haha.

Last question; Clean loves new talent. Can you name someone we need to keep an eye on?
Keep an eye on Willy Moon. We are making a song together today. He’s a producer and writes his songs on his own. He’s incredible!
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