Clean interview: KULT clothing (English version)

IMG_9796edit2What would you do if you want to wear that one particular T-shirt but they don’t sell it anywhere? Indeed! You create one yourself. The birth of a brand can be that simple. Sam White shows it’s all possible. He takes over the world with his KULT clothing. After the mail from Miley Cyrus’s stylist nothing seems to stop him. Meet the brain behind the brand your gonna love!

When did you decide to start KULT clothing? And more importantly why did you start it?
At first, it wasn’t really much of a conscious decision: I made my first item simply for myself to wear, because I had no clean shirts. This was way back in the March of 2011, I used those cheap iron on transfers to put a black cross onto a white t-shirt and as you do at my age, I uploaded an image of me wearing it to all of my social networks. They exploded. Lots of people were asking where I’d bought the t-shirt from and I just didn’t really know what to say, so I kept saying I’d just made it for myself. But then, my business mind came into play and I thought I can really make some money from this. I’d always had an interest in the fashion industry and garment design (I hope that doesn’t sound too cliché) but I thought that the money made from this extremely small venture, which just involved me making and distributing my garments locally to my friends, family and their own friends, could give me enough to kickstart a proper business. I suppose my hobby simply turned into my business, which is what makes the whole process so natural and like a second skin to me because instead of forcing the brand into something its not, it was born from one idea and one t-shirt. Thus the birth of KULT and my journey began.

What does KULT stand for?
The name itself carries no acronym and means nothing at face value, but KULT stands for Anti-Censorship. I built upon this conceptual idea after releasing my second collection, I realized I didn’t want to be another “Streetwear” brand as people are so loosely naming their styles now, I wanted to be different. Simply from sheer shock of my designs and graphical pieces that my friends always seemed to show, I decided it was an interesting concept to play around with – I love seeing peoples reactions, especially when I release a more-than-risqué piece.


What inspires you to be a designer?
Rather than the obvious reply of “Who” inspires me, I’d simply say the everyday. As cliché as that sounds, the everyday really does play an extremely large part in producing the early ideas for my designs and collections. I find the best way for me to initially come up with an idea is to just take a walk through my town, or even watch TV. The overly sexualized and commercially crowded areas really make it quite easy to conceive multiple ideas by just attempting to create one.

KULT is growing extremely fast, not only in the UK but all over the world, any big plans for KULT clothing we need to know about?
Thank-you! I’d say at the rate the brand is growing, you can expect a lot more products and more diverse range of pieces. I do have ambitions to create a swimwear collection, which will hopefully come to fruition in Summer 2014. Hopefully. I’d also like to tour various music festivals and brand gatherings, time permitting that is. Maybe that’s a better idea for 2015, we’ll just have to see.

Some of the prints contain explicit, strong language; ever got in trouble for that?
Actually quite the opposite – when I first started my apparel line, I was the only brand of that size and locally that were even printing such simple and explicit designs. It made my brand blow up so fast I just couldn’t keep up with demand – which, I suppose in some ways is still happening right now. Of course, over time other independent brands have capture the same ethos as KULT and began incorporating a lot more expletives and shall we say “Biblical” references within their pieces, because that’s a strong market right now.


You can choose one female and male celebrity/model to wear a KULT t-shirt, who would you choose to wear it?
Taylor Momsen and Francisco Lachowski. No doubt.

You can collaborate with a photographer by own choice for your next lookbook. Who would be the lucky one?
Nick Knight – I totally think that we could dream up some completely original concepts for the shoot. I can’t see any boundaries if I was to work with someone of that magnitude.

We give you an unlimited budget and time limit to design your next collection. What can we expect from this collection?
Unlimited budget? Now you’re talking… You would never want to save money again once you saw the collection. A complete swimwear line (Bikinis, bodysuits, swimshorts, trunks), the introduction of various new cuts and washes of t-shirts, along with our classic “Edgy” prints, A whole denim collection – starting with jeans in 3 cuts with several different washes, jumpers, flannel shirts, dresses, accessories (belts, hats, scarfs, phone cases, jewelry) and something I like to call formal-wear, but I won’t divulge anything about that just yet, as it’s something in the works and absolutely nothing like it sounds! P.s. Find me a large investor, and buddy – you got all of that comin’!

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