Clean interview: Kris Micallef (English version)

Malta is one happy island. It’s in good company of the extremely talented photographer Kris Micallef. This photographer shoots the most beautiful photos you can imagine. Besides that he knows how to separate his work from others by his amazing underwater photography. Yes your not fooled by your eyes, Kris takes his models for a dive. Clean didn’t doubt for a second and prepared the young creative for his next dive by asking him the clothes of off his body. We asked him about the unique spaces he uses, who his favorite models are and his special connection to Holland!

Who is Kris Micallef in five words?
Creative, Fun, Experimental, Adventurous and Ambitious.

What was your inspiration and motivation to pick up the camera for the first time?
Ever since I was a boy, my favourite subject to portray was the human form. At first it started out with pencil sketches at the age of 6 until later realizing that my true passion was for photography. I’m self-taught and fascinated by the beauty of the human body and the infinite ways in which it can be captured photographically. I love merging my subjects with the surrounding – be it a building, landscape or even an underwater environment.

When you look at yourself when you started as a photographer and now, in which aspects did you grow?
I have grown in various aspects – I have learnt to appreciate different kinds of beauty and what is beautiful to my eyes is not necessarily beautiful to others and vice versa. Photography has also opened many doors in my career. I’ve been commissioned internationally and have exhibited my work in various places including Holland (Maastricht), France (Saint-Tropez), Spain (Barcelona & Marbella), Ukraine (Kiev), Belgium (Brussels), Gibraltar and Palestine (Jerusalem). I’m a very ambitious person and work hard at every thing I do. My next step which will help me grow is a project that I’m currently working on entitled REGNVM consisting of an exhibition and my first photography book. This will help me grow artistically.

How would you describe your photography to someone who isn’t familiar with your work? If you can choose one photo to show this which one would you choose?
I would say that my forte is capturing my subject in a particular environment and mood. I think this photo describes what I mean perfectly.


You shot editorials for Fucking Young, Coitus and many more. Can you name a magazine you haven’t shoot for yet but really want to work for?
I’ve been published in these magazines: Vamp Magazine (MT), IN Magazine (AE), Coitus Magazine (UK), FM Magazine (MT), Money Magazine (MT), Make-up Artist Magazine (US) amongst others and would love to be published in Acne Paper, Dazed & Confused, V Magazine, POP Magazine, i-D, Harper’s Bazaar … the list goes on.

You shoot a lot of beautiful fashion editorials. Besides this we see beautiful spaces photographed as well. Do you prefer to shoot with a model or empty spaces?
My love for photographing empty abandoned spaces is probably as big as my love for working with models. I love the excitement of entering old spaces. They usually have a story to tell worth capturing on a photograph.

You worked together with FASHIONCLASH Maastricht and even visit our country for it. Can you tell us more about this collaboration and experience?
FASHIONCLASH is by far the most contemporary and creative project I have ever collaborated with. The event was held in a fantastic warehouse and was converted by a talented group of architects to cater for fashion shows and also function as an exhibition space for three days. In 2012 I was asked by the team to be one of the artists exhibiting. There were other photographers, fashion designers and artists collaborating on this project from all over Europe and this made it a really unique experience to see art and fashion by various artists under one roof in a span of a few days. I also fell in love with Maastricht and Dutch boys and girls. I found Holland to be very young and creative!

Your exhibition UNDRWTR was shown at FASHIONCLASH in 2012. We absolutely love these photos, so amazing. How did you come up with the concept for this one?
UNDRWTR was actually my first experiment with underwater photography. It turned out to be quite a surprise when I went through the photos and decided to turn them into a series which I have exhibited at Fashionclash in Maastricht and Kyev (Ukraine).


Name three of your favorite models you ever worked with.
Chanelle Muscat (, Macram Borg ( and Kristen Buhagiar (

Also we are curious who are on top of your list to shoot with sometime?
Grrrr! Marlon Teixeira, River Viperi, Aaron Frew. Emma Watson, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.

If you can shoot the cover artwork for one artist, dead or alive, whom would you choose?
Grace Jones.


We give you an unlimited budget to do a photoshoot. What can we expect from this shoot?
The unthinkable.

Clean meets you again in ten years, what are you hoping to tell us by that time?
In ten years time I’ll be 35. I’m hoping that in ten years time I’ll be able to tell CLEAN Mag that I’ve achieved more of my goals as a photographer and working even harder on new projects. P.S. I hope to see you in Malta before then!
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