Clean interview: Josef Salvat (ENG)

Last saturday Josef Salvat visited Utrecht for a concert in De Helling. Of course it was as amazing as usual but let’s not bother you with an concert review again. We decided to speak with the man himself for an exclusive interview. We made up questions based on the album tracks of off his debut Night Swim. Curious? Don’t hesitate to get to know more about the talented singer!

What would your own paradise look like?
I’m going to give you a boring answer actually. I have to keep it simple. Since I’m always on the road I need my family and friends around me in paradise. This will bring me happiness!

The video for “Hustler” is amazing; we give you an unlimited budget for your next video. What can we expect?
If I can shoot another video I would love to keep it simple this time. So in that case I would just spent the whole budget on a beautiful location. But to be honest I don’t think there’s going to be another video from this album.

You can choose one person to do a night swim with, who would be the lucky one?
Can I pick a model? Bring Cara Delevingne! That should be a lot of fun.

Your management wants to turn “Shoot And Run” into a duet with an artist by your choice. Who will we hear on the track?
Lorde! She would sound amazing on the track. Or maybe Lana Del Rey. In the first stages of this song it sounded very country, so she would fit perfect on the original version. I’m very happy I changed the arrangement in the end though. Country didn’t fit on the overall sound on the album. Well, when I think of it “Every Night” has a bit of a country vibe going on right?

The cover of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” was a huge success. Can we expect another cover soon?
Not in this way. I mean, I am very thankful for the success it achieved. I never expected it to explode like it did. Maybe you will hear me do a cover for fun or at a radio station or something, but just not like this again. I love to write my own music.

Can we just make “Secret” your next single as we speak?
I would love to! But unfortunately it’s just not up to me.

The festival season is opened; where can we see you playing this summer?
I’m going to tour all over the world. And of course I’m not going to skip Holland. I will play one festival over here for sure, maybe two in the end!

Do you have a ritual you do every night before you go on stage?
I don’t really have one. It kind off scares me. What if you can’t do the ritual for once? Will you mess up the show because you didn’t do it? I like to change it up. Most of the times I do have a drink or two to loosen up though.

Clean has attended your concert a few times so we know the story behind “In The Audience”. Can you tell our readers about it?
I was in a relationship with someone and I wanted to end it. So at first I wrote “Secret” and played it at a small gig in London. My partner was there but fell in love with the song. We went on for another one and a half year. I decided to write “In The Audience”. This time my partner did get it and we broke up. If you want to hear the whole story you should just come to my show.

We’re going to put you on an island for a while; you can bring three things to survive the days. What would you bring?
My piano, my laptop and can I bring a person? Oh wait, how long will you luck me up there? Just a month? Ok, then I’ll rather bring a pen to write new music!

Clean finds you in 20 years time, what do you hope you’ve reached in this life by that time.

Let’s be picky, choose one.

Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift
I’m half Spanish and so is Selena Gomez, so… No wait, I’m gonna go with Taylor Swift.

Play a tv-show or a festival

Travis Barker or Jonny the Drummer
Jonny the Drummer of course, he will kill me if I don’t say it!

Paradise or Heaven

Gryffin or Tourist
This is a mean one. But I’m gonna go with Gryffin because I wrote that song myself.