Clean interview: George Alvin (English version)

Recently we post our exclusive editorial with George Alvin. Of course we took the chance to ask the talented guy everything about his passion for fashion and music and his future plans. Walking through Amsterdam? Chances are in you will see him walking around. His plans start in our small little country before he takes over the world as a president. Curious? Read the whole interview!

Introduce George Alvin in five words.
Ambitious. Driven. Pisces. Traveler. Humor. 

You have a huge passion for fashion as we saw on your website and social media. Where does this passion come from?
I guess growing up in a family where fashion never was an interest, exploring and pursuing an aspect that was unfamiliar kind of came as a way to challenge myself. Especially while living in one of the fashion capitals like NYC.

Ever thought of an own clothing line? What would it look like?
The idea of it sounds good, but probably more work then I think. I can’t sew, or draw so not sure how that’d work out. I like edgy athletic clothing, like sportswear. So think Yohji Yamamoto meeting Alexander Wang. Lots of neutral colors.


If you can choose any designer by choice to collaborate with, who shall we give the call?
Alexander Wang and I’m kind of digging Kanye West’s line.

Clean plans to burn all your clothes. You can save one piece, which one would it be?
My Marc Jacobs backpack! I’ve had it for three years and it never lets me down.

What’s a must have in every men his closet?
I’ve recently purchased my first Armani suit. I never knew how significant it was to own a suit, but I think it’s essential for every man to have one readily available.

We also noticed your into music a lot. Is this something you want to focus on in the future?
Music for me is a big part of my life. Soundcloud and Spotify are two of my favorite iPhone apps. I think it’s great how music can bring a bunch of completely different people into a room, that normally would never even talk, and just create a mutual energy.


Who’s your all-time favorite artist? And song wise?
Well I’ve always been a big fan of John Mayer. Kind of hard to choose just one song, depends on my mood. I’m into the underground deep-house electronic scene the past year. I think the DJ’s that incorporate live singing and instruments in their set’s are changing the game.

Which music artist is best in representing fashion?
You know I think the ones that take big chances like Rihanna, Kanye West, Russell Brand and Miley Cyrus. You know, artists that create a conversation or break the rules.

Clean gives you a unlimited budget to start your own creative project. What can we expect from this project?
George for President 2020.

Clean loves new talent. Tell me, which upcoming artist/actor do we need to know about?
Parson James. This kid has pure talent and is so down to earth. I met him a couple years back and he accomplished everything he said he would plus more.



Video by Joshua Walter / Photo’s by Martijn Smouter