CLEAN INTERVIEW: Catching Up With Kento

Clean has never hidden its love for pop singer Kentö. However we’ve been silence on him for quite a bit know. Of course not because we stopped loving him, just because he stopped releasing music for a bit. Let’s break the silence and catch up with this promising feature pop star!

Kentö! The last time we spoke to you was three years ago. How could you leave us alone for so long!?
I know it’s been a little while! When I released my first EP Complicated I was filled with so much joy for all of the traction it was getting. In a crazy twist of events, right at that time I got very sick and eventually found out that I had Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer. So to take care of my body, soul and mind, I put everything on a hold and paced myself. During this time I wrote a lot and the upcoming album is really special to me. I’m going on two years cancer free, and I haven’t felt better in my life. I’m ready. Watch out.

Happy to hear you are feeling good again. So I guess it’s true what we’re hearing; you’ve been busy working on your comeback!? Tell us, what’s coming up?
Thanks. I appreciate all of the support from Clean and my fans. It’s been really special. As I mentioned earlier I’ve been working on this album for quite some time. I got to work with Frankmusik, French Horn Rebellion, Rice N Peas, and some really great co-writers on the album. I’m excited to get this out there!

With the new music on it’s way you got us curious. What can we expect? Is it as anthemic as the amazing “Complicated”?
You can definitely expect the quintessential ‘Kentö’ sound, however this album is a little bit more laid back than the EP. It will feature a new rendition of “Complicated” with a new and exciting video as well as a re-release of a new version of “We Are Fire” from the EP.

So it’s been five years coming for the new music. Which artists have inspired your journey to your new work?
I’ve really been inspired by Prince, Michael Jackson, Sting, Rick James, Apollonia, Freddy Mercury and Aerosmith. Those are the artists I’ve been listening to on repeat for a while now.

Word is on the street you even started filming the music videos for your singles. Is there any truth within these rumors? And if the answer is yes; tell us all about it!
The word is right! I started recording the music video for “We Are Fire” and a lyric video for a more heartfelt track from the album called “Everything”. “We Are Fire” has been a year long process and I’m so excited to share it. It’s inspired by artwork and lifestyle of Salvador Dalí, the amazing cinematic work from Luis Buñuel and the surrealist photography from Philippe Halsman.

As you know we are always on the hunt for new artists. We’re going to introduce you to some of our favorite new (or just hot right now) artists in the game. Your turn to tell us which one you would ignore, record a duet with or produce/write for.

1) H.E.R., Mabel and Cardi B
I would write for H.E.R., get in the studio with Mabel to record with her and the ignoring is hard! I love Cardi B but I don’t think I could do anything with her. She’s perfect!

2) SG Lewis, Russ and Troye Sivan
Without any doubt I would record a song with SG Lewis, I would write a track for Russ and Troye is an acquaintance through some very close friends, I could never ignore him!

To round this up there’s only one question left. Will you promise us to never leave us for five years again and give us your new music as soon as possible?
Yes! Of course! I’m alive, excited and ready to take over 2018. Be ready! I know I am!