10. Era Istrefi
BIGGEST HIT IN 2017: X (No charted hits this year)
HIGHLIGHT OF 2017: We’re cheating a bit with the first artist in our list. Era Istrefi isn’t new to the scene at all. She’s been making music for years in her own country, Albania. However it was in 2017 when she started a big international debut. After the success off “Bon Bon” she gave it a try with “No I Love Yous” together with French Montana. The video itself should’ve got an award already.
WHAT’S TO COME IN 2018: Her big American debut has been a huge flop. So 2018 could be interesting for this young lady. Either she tries to take-over America again or she will stay active in her own country.

9. Stefflon Don
BIGGEST HIT IN 2017: “Hurtin’ Me” #7 (UK Singles Top 75)
HIGHLIGHT OF 2017: Can we make this on personal? Out of this whole list Stefflon Don is the only one we got to see live already. And wow, this girl knows how to put on a show. There was not a single fan standing still in the audience. Highlight of the year!
WHAT’S TO COME IN 2018: After collaborating with Jeremih and French Montana this girl had a taste of success. She will without any doubt continuing making hits with some big collabs on it!

8. H.E.R.
BIGGEST HIT IN 2017: X (No charted hits this year)
HIGHLIGHT OF 2017: H.E.R. might not be on actual newcomer to the scene. She’s been releasing music for a while. However it was 2017 where the fire became burning like crazy! Highlight? She sells out show after show!
WHAT’S TO COME IN 2018: So far we only been getting EP’s from the sultry R&B singer. So how ‘bout a full length debut album?

7. Rak-Su
BIGGEST HIT IN 2017: “Dimelo” #2 (UK Singles Top 75)
HIGHLIGHT OF 2017: Well, this is a no-brainer. Rak-Su won the UK X-Factor 2017!
WHAT’S TO COME IN 2018: The journey just started for Rak-Su. In 2017 the band proved being able to write extremely catchy hits. Song after song made it into the top 10 of the iTunes chart. It should be no surprise if this act becomes the biggest of 2018!

6. Jax Jones
BIGGEST HIT IN 2017: “You Don’t Know Me” #3 (UK Single Top 75)
HIGHLIGHT OF 2017: Jax Jones had the honor to bring America and London together thanks to his collab with Demi Lovato and Stefflon Don. The result? A huge clubbanger with some big dancehall influences. Strange enough it didn’t become a top 10 hit as we expected.
WHAT’S TO COME IN 2018: What we love most about DJ’s is the loads of collaborations. We have no idea who’s next in line but we’re pretty sure Jax keeps the bangers coming! Can we give some suggestions please, we want Rita Ora and Dua Lipa. On the same track. Thanks!

5. Mabel
BIGGEST HIT IN 2017: “Finder Keepers” #8 (UK Single Top 75)
HIGHLIGHT OF 2017: Mabel was winning big last year. She got her hands on her very first top 10 hit with the absolute jam “Finders Keepers”. Plus je got to work closely with Holland’s best stylist Jean Paul Paula. Lucky her!
WHAT’S TO COME IN 2018: Just like many in this top 10 Mabel’s debut album is yet to be released. It’s not confirmed when it will be released but the sooner the better!

4. SZA
BIGGEST HIT IN 2017: “The Weekend” #29 (US Billboard Hot 100)
HIGHLIGHT OF 2017: Do we even have to explain the hightlight of SZA’s 2017 adventure. We mean, have you seen the video for “Love Galore? Hands down the best one of the year! Oh, and she played Saturday Night Live. What a year for SZA.
WHAT’S TO COME IN 2018: SZA is in the run to win five Grammy Awards. Can she just get all five straight away?

3. Khalid
BIGGEST HIT IN 2017: “Location” #16 (US Billboard Hot 100)
HIGHLIGHT OF 2017: In September 2016 Khalid released his perfect debut track “Location”. A year later it became a huge hit in the charts. A slow burner but definitely a highlight for Khalid!
WHAT’S TO COME IN 2018: Khalid confirmed that he is working on something with Fifth Harmony’s Normani. And we are so ready for it!

2. Cardi B
BIGGEST HIT IN 2017: “Bodak Yellow” #1 (US Billboard Hot 100)
HIGHLIGHT OF 2017: Cardi’s highlight of the year is to break record after record. First she broke records with her debut single “Bodak Yellow” (read about it here). And now she did it again by getting all her first three releases into the top 10. Which makes her the very first rapper ever to do so plus the third artist overall together with The Beatles and Ashanti.
WHAT’S TO COME IN 2018: Since Cardi B is already doing loads of collaborations it can only get more this year. We know for fact that we have one waiting on us together with Rita Ora. Pus there is a debut album on it’s way. Oh, and don’t forget she is in the race to win her very first Grammy award!

BIGGEST HIT IN 2017: “No More” #77 (UK Singles Chart)
HIGHLIGHT OF 2017: The whole existence of PRETTYMUCH is pretty much a highlight on itself. Five pretty boys bringing poppy urban track to make your teenage heart live again? Hell yeah Clean’s down for that! So far we loved every single track they’ve released with “Open Arms” even making it to the ‘Best in Pop 2017’ list.
WHAT’S TO COME IN 2018: There’s a full debut album waiting for it’s release. We can not wait for PRETTYMUCH to release it for us! Big things to come!