10. LANY
HIGHLIGHT OF 2017: Apart from releasing their debut album we get one of their videos as a highlight. For the “Super Far” video the trio studied some choreography. This is simplicity at it’s very best.
WHAT’S TO COME IN 2018: We have no idea but we do have hopes. Can we get a duet between Paul and Dua? Yes please!

9. DJ Khaled
BIGGEST HIT IN 2017: “I’m The One” #1 (US Billboard Hot 100 + UK Singles Top 75) & “Wild Thoughts” #1 (UK Singles Top 75)
HIGHLIGHT OF 2017: Thanks to DJ Khaled’s “Wild Thoughts” we got to see Rihanna in a see-through top again. “Know you wanna see me nakey, nakey, naked”.
WHAT’S TO COME IN 2018: DJ Khaled will be touring with Demi Lovato in 2018. Let’s hope this will be followed by a big collaboration between the two!

8. Harry Styles
BIGGEST HIT IN 2017: “Sign Of The Times” #1 (UK Singles Top 75)
HIGHLIGHT OF 2017: Harry’s absolute highlight is him being surrounded by puppy’s in the video for “Kiwi”. Yes, dreams do come true!
WHAT’S TO COME IN 2018: Harry Styles will be busy doing his first solo world wide tour.

7. Calvin Harris
BIGGEST HIT IN 2017: “Feels” #1 (UK Singles Top 75)
HIGHLIGHT OF 2017: Once again Calvin Harris experimented with his sound in 2017. This time around he got funky. Calvin doing dancy, disco, funky songs? Hell yeah that counts as a highlight!
WHAT’S TO COME IN 2018: Whatever’s gonna happen it has to look a bit like this. We expect a new hit single with Rihanna. We want a Taylor Swift reunion in forms of a break up song. We are dying for a Calvin and Beyonce collab, Because why not!?

6. Cassie
HIGHLIGHT OF 2017: The highlight for Cassie would be her comeback itself. Yet we choose another highlight. Thanks to Diddy’s Apple music exclusive Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Movie she was able to get her debut hit single “Me & U” back in the charts, twelve years later! What a classic.
WHAT’S TO COME IN 2018: Urban music’s chameleon is super busy in the studio. We already got to hear some new material. Will the second studio album finally be released in 2018? Please, make it happen Cassie!

5. Anne-Marie
BIGGEST HIT IN 2017: “Ciao Adios” #4 (Nederlandse Top 40)
HIGHLIGHT OF 2017: Anne-Marie thought everyone that it is more than ok to deliver catchy pop tracks that come packed with good lyrics. Each of her songs are relatable to everyone. Not only is she a pop star, she is a lyrical genius.
WHAT’S TO COME IN 2018: The karate champion has been busy shaping up her debut album in 2017. In 2018 it will finally happen. We can’t wait!

4. Russ
HIGHLIGHT OF 2017: This year goes in the books as the year Russ finally released his full-length debut album. And boy, oh boy this one is packed with massive tracks. You don’t have to skip any.
WHAT’S TO COME IN 2018: Knowing Russ he will probably keep his fans happy by releasing new music and videos. Plus he is going on a world tour. Always busy!

3. Kendrick Lamar
BIGGEST HIT IN 2017: “Humble” #1 (US Billboard Hot 100)
HIGHLIGHT OF 2017: Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better then the “Humble” video Kendrick releases the video for his Rihanna assisted single. The video for “Loyalty” is without any doubt the biggest of 2017. Wow!
WHAT’S TO COME IN 2018: Since e is still enjoying the success of his latest album we would love to see a few big collabs in 2018. He already did some of the biggest names like Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Rihanna. So who’s next in line?

2. Dua Lipa
BIGGEST HIT IN 2017: “New Rules” #1 (UK Singles Top 75 / Nederlandse Top 40)
HIGHLIGHT OF 2017: Not only did Dua Lipa bring you the best pop music in 2017; she also gave you rules how to handle a break up. It just makes us wonder why the singer is the first one to do so. Smart move! May we add that another highlight was her and Paul Klein (LANY) getting together?
WHAT’S TO COME IN 2018: In our opinion Dua Lipa deserves a huge break. However we hope she keeps the flame burning and releases a new album coming year. She already brought some rumors out in the world by saying she is back in the studio.

1. Rita Ora
BIGGEST HIT IN 2017: “Anywhere” #2 (UK Singles Top 75)
HIGHLIGHT OF 2017: Honetsly; this whole year has been a highlight for the pop star. She’s been all over your television, movie screen, favorite stores and your radio. She’s done America’s Next Top Model, Boyband, MTV Europe Music Awards, Fifty Shades Of Grey, scored several huge hits and continued her work with Adidas and Tezenis. Busy girl!
WHAT’S TO COME IN 2018: We’ve been waiting for years on Rita’s second studio album. It looks like it is finally going to happen in 2018. We honestly can not wait to hear it. If the rumors are true we can expect collaborations with Cardi B, Charli XCX, RAYE and more. We are so ready for loads of Rita!